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In our long-standing collaboration with Gabather AB, Sweden, scientists at Mercachem have developed a new synthesis for triazoloquinazolinone compounds. The new synthesis gave swift access to Gabather’s lead molecule GT002 on a large scale, paving the way to the smooth supply of material for toxicity studies and clinical trials. The invention was described in a recently published patent application.

As for many compounds that move from discovery into development, the chemistry initially used to make GT002 was not suited for the supply of high-quality API required in clinical trials. With our in-depth chemistry knowledge, we designed a new, more effective synthesis with built-in quality measures. The feasibility of the new route was demonstrated within a few weeks, enabling the smooth production of drug substance used in clinical trials.

“It is another perfect example of how our team can contribute to the accelerated development of new drug substances,” Dr. Goran Verspui, Director of Process Research at Mercachem said. “While we rapidly develop chemistry from scratch, our plant is Prague is being prepared to produce material for clinical trials.”

“The improved synthetic process for large-scale manufacturing allows a more efficient and high-yield production of GT-002 and related compounds, which is important when producing large quantities of drug product for future clinical trials," added Gabather's CEO Michael-Robin Witt.

GT002 was successfully tested in phase I clinical studies and will proceed to multiple ascending dose studies.


Find patent WO/2019/123011 here   

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