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The first day of Spring, March 21st, was welcomed by Mercachem with the official opening ceremony of the new facility at Kerkenbos in Nijmegen. With seven new labs housing 90 synthetic chemists and a large new analytical lab, we have effectively doubled our capacity. Extra attention was paid to the need for conference rooms, of which six of various sizes can be found on the ground floor. Flexible work spaces were added to accommodate off-site consultants comfortably. The building was also designed to be energy efficient. Measures include solar panels, moss-covered roofs, extensive insulation, and heat-reflecting windows.

On this day, we were honored that Dr. Paul Stoffels gave a very inspiring talk about ‘Advancing Health Through Innovation’, which was followed by an official toast. Guests were then given the opportunity to tour our new facilities and the day ended with an informal reception in a specially erected tent to mark the occasion.


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