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As part of developing our PROTAC (proteolysis targeting chimeras) chemistry toolkit, our scientists delved into the literature to learn more about this unique way of inhibiting protein function. Knowledge gained from this exercise is vast and MercachemSyncom is proud to announce that it has led to the publication of an extensive review in Elsevier’s Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal.

First author Dr. Marcel Scheepstra comments, “We were already familiar with PROTACs before we scrutinized the literature, but this search has really showed us the mode of action involved and exposed the obstacles we need to overcome if we want to guide compounds towards the clinic.”

This is confirmed by Dr. Luc van Hijfte, VP Medicinal Chemistry at MercachemSyncom, who adds, “our strength has always been, and will always remain, in-depth knowledge for every project we cover. This review proves, once again, that our scientists keep up with the latest developments to maximize the benefit to our clients.”

For the full publication of our article, please see the reference below. For more information on PROTAC capabilities at Mercachem, please click here.

M. Scheepstra, K.F.W. Hekking, L. van Hijfte, R. Folmer, Bivalent ligands for protein degradation in drug discovery, Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal,


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