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MercachemSyncom announces the acquisition of Chiralix 1

Mercachem and Syncom are pleased to announce the acquisition of Chiralix; a specialist company in chiral organic synthesis.

This new addition to the MercachemSyncom group of companies broadens the offering of chiral technologies by the company and extends the unique chiral compounds available from the Chiralix compound catalogue. Moreover, MercachemSyncom can now develop flexible and efficient synthetic routes to diversely substituted chiral molecules, such as specialty amino acids, azido acids, amino alcohols, and peptide building blocks.

Richard Blaauw, CEO of Chiralix, commented, “We are thrilled that our catalogue portfolio, as well as the underlying technologies, can be further developed within the MercachemSyncom group. This acquisition enables us to expand on our offerings and provide an increasingly attractive product range to our clients.”

Frank Leemhuis, Managing Director of Mercachem, added, “The Chiralix offerings and technologies nicely complement the current services portfolio, and further strengthen our position as a leading chemistry service provider.”


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