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Mercachem celebrates 20 years anniversary


In 2017 Mercachem celebrated its 20 years anniversary. In six months, we have shared 20 stories. Think of interviews with former clients, colleagues, clients that became colleagues and of course Frank and Eelco. Together, these stories revealed 20 years of chemical bonding.

See all 20 stories here at 20 Years of Chemical Bonding

Curious about what the succes is according to Frank and Eelco?

Frank: ‘Quality, honesty, persistence.’

Eelco: ‘The basic principle still works after 20 years: “do and deliver what you have promised to do”. This seems so easy, but for many companies this is something that is difficult to accomplish.’

Frank adds: ‘And people. Put trust in people, so they feel confident in talking about professional and personal topics. These are the people that work in the lab together every day. They should feel part of a team. We like to refer to this as chemical bonding.’