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Highly reactive and strained heterocycles are of great interest as building blocks in synthetic organic chemistry and drug discovery.

We have recently published an optimized synthesis of the 2-oxa-6-azaspiro[3.3]heptane unit, a challenging but highly interesting spirocyclic building block. This scaffold has especially gained interest as a potential morpholine replacement in drug-like molecules. Scientists from Mercachem Process Research have collaborated with Bayer Pharma (Wuppertal) to find a novel approach to the target scaffold.

Richard van der Haas, Group Leader Mercachem Process Research, says: “With this well-scalable approach 2-oxa-6-azaspiro[3,3]heptane is finally available as a stable, crystalline, well-defined and more soluble sulfonate salt ready for use in chemical conversions.”

We are very proud to see that the article is now highlighted in the news section of the Synthesis homepage!



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