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Mercachem Syngenta patents collaboration 1

Great achievements result from a long and reliable collaboration. Mutual trust and a dedicated partnership are key to success in the most challenging projects. Mercachem and Syngenta have a long history of partnership in the agricultural industry. As a result, a new patent publication was recently released.

“Our collaboration with Syngenta successfully continued for 15 years” says Ruud Titulaer, Group Leader at Mercachem. “During this period, many ambitious projects in the field of fungicides and insecticides were completed. This work also resulted in 10 patent publications.

"The patent published in 2014 was particularly challenging",
adds Ruud. "Bis-substituted 1,2-oxaborol-2(5H)-ol derivatives were not well described at that time and their synthesis was troublesome. Nevertheless, a large series of compounds were successfully prepared and tested for their fungicidal activity.”

10 patents in 15 years: Mercachem makes a strong partner in collaborations!



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