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2016 has been an exciting year at Mercachem! Great achievements in existing projects were combined with exciting collaborations with new customers.

Surprising approaches by resourceful chemists resulted in a number of strong publications.
In our ongoing search for new, three-dimensional chemical matter, we charted biologically relevant spirocyclic compound space, together with researchers from the University of Bonn. 
In the field of natural product synthesis we published an improved synthesis and structure determination of strigolactone key structures orobanchol and 5-deoxystrigol.

The ELF project continues to be an exciting endeavour for Mercachem. Early 2016, we reported on the synthesis of the 20,000th synthesized compound. With a steady rate of 1000 compounds prepared each month, we will very soon cross the 30,000 compound barrier.

Smart design and great synthetic work led to new, conformationally restricted, three-dimensional ELF scaffolds by the application of continuous-flow photochemistry. A publication on this approach in Organic Process Research and Development was highlighted by Synfacts.

Client quality standards for chemical matter are constantly rising. We continue to improve our infrastructure to ensure the delivery of high quality molecules.  This year we have further optimized our freeze-drying and SFC capabilities.

Together with the Radboud University of Nijmegen Medical Centre, TropIQ, Pansynt, BPRC, and Pivot Park Oss, we entered in a translational research consortium with the Medicines for Malaria Venture. A strategic alliance for fully integrated drug discovery was formed with Axxam, to combine expertise in medicinal and process chemistry with early phase discovery biology.

In collaboration with X-Rx Discovery we started working on hit-to-lead and lead optimization programs on two exciting targets: Mcl1 and TAK1. With Almirall we started working on the development of cytokine blockers, a project that found its origin in one of our innovation projects.

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