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Spirocycles frequently occur in natural products and experience increasing interest in drug discovery, given their richness in sp3 centers and distinct three-dimensionality.

Scientists from Mercachem and the University of Bonn (DE) have systematically explored chemical space populated with currently available bioactive spirocycles and publish on their findings in Chemistry, A European Journal.

"The nearly 47,000 diverse scaffolds identified, revealed only limited numbers of combinations of differently sized rings. This indicates that there should be significant potential to further expand spirocyclic chemical space for drug discovery, exploiting the privileged substructure concept", says Jorg Benningshof, Director of Parallel Chemistry.

Tim Berkenbosch, Senior Research Chemist, explains: “We embarked on the design and chemical synthesis of three distinct novel spirocyclic scaffolds that qualify for downstream library synthesis, thus exploring principally new chemical space with high potential for pharmaceutical research.”

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