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X-Rx a biotechnology company focused on the creation of small molecule drug candidates, and Mercachem, a leading chemistry CRO with expertise in medicinal and process chemistry, report progress with two discovery-stage oncology programs from the portfolio of X-Rx.

The programs target Mcl1, an anti-apoptotic target that is over-expressed in many liquid and solid tumor types, and TAK1, a member of the mitogen-activated protein kinase family and Mercachem is responsible for the hit-to-lead and lead optimization campaigns.

Dr. Lee Babiss, CEO of X-Rx, says: “In 2015, we successfully partnered two of our therapeutic programs with leading pharma organizations in major markets. We are committed to building on this initial success and bringing additional candidates towards a stage where significant value has been generated to partner them on favorable terms. With today’s news we are taking the next step in the discovery and development of our Mcl1 and TAK1 programs together with Mercachem.”

Dr. Gerhard Müller, SVP Medicinal Chemistry, adds “We are pleased that X-Rx has chosen Mercachem as their collaboration partner as they further explore the therapeutic potential of their two promising oncology targets using our competence and expertise with kinases and PPI targets."


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