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Improvedsynthesisstrigolactones 72dpi

Mercachem and the Radboud University Nijmegen report on an improved synthesis and structure determination of key structures of strigolactone: orobanchol and 5-deoxystrigol.

Strigolactones are an important class of plant growth factors with great potential in modern agriculture. Their isolation is laborious and difficult, which makes synthetic organic chemistry a viable source for these compounds.

Peter Molenveld, Director of Chemistry at Mercachem, explains: “When repeating a published procedure for the synthesis of orobanchol, we noticed that the structure of the synthesized material was ambiguous. We secured this structure by means of X-ray crystallography and managed to greatly improve an essential allylic oxidation step in the synthesis.”

“Moreover, we managed to establish the configuration of all four stereoisomers of 5-deoxystrigol by means of X-ray analysis”, says Henk Regeling, Senior Scientist at Mercachem.”

The article can be found, following this link.