Celebrating 20years Anniversary
1997 - 2017

This year, Mercachem celebrated its 20th anniversary. Over the last six months, we have shared 20 stories with you. Together, these stories aimed to reveal 20 years of chemical bonding... But did they, according to the founders of Mercachem, Frank and Eelco?

The first story in this series was an interview with you. And we started with the question ‘Where are you right now and what mood are you in?’ So, let’s start with that question again! Where are you right now and what mood are you in?
Eelco: ‘This time it is Monday evening. Due to the busy schedule, I need to sit down at my office desk at home to have some freedom to think these questions over.’
Frank: ‘It’s Monday morning and I am at the office, looking forward to what this new day will bring!

What was your experience of these six celebration months?
Frank: ‘It was great to celebrate our anniversary together with our employees, but also with relations and friends with whom we have connected in the last 20 years. Of course, we had an unforgettable party – the celebration weekend – with all the employees.’
Eelco: ‘These past six months were extremely intense, but also very rewarding. We saw stories about interns becoming scientists, colleagues being very open about their passion for their work, and colleagues feeling comfortable enough to share their hobbies.

And colleagues in front of the camera of our very own Merca-vlogger... haha... with all the reactions we received on that, offline and online, it was a great six months and it makes us proud!’

Did you know in advance what stories were going to be shared on 20yearsofchemicalbonding?
Eelco: ‘Actually, no. We knew, of course, about the idea, but some stories were a total surprise, and therefore, also very special.’
Frank: ‘The stories were an unexpected, but very nice, surprise. And also all the likes and comments on the stories. It is nice to see the stories are valued outside the company as well!’

What did you think about the stories? Did they reveal 20 years of chemical bonding?
Eelco: ‘Everybody has their own view on Mercachem and who we are, but, for me, it remains the people/employees that make Mercachem great. When we talk about innovation, new chemical ideas, or new chemical bonding, we talk about connection and bonding between the people that make Mercachem a high-quality organization.’
Frank: ‘The stories were great, every person has told a very personal experience with Mercachem. These personal connections are very valuable to us and are a perfect example of 20 years of chemical bonding.’

And do you now remind your colleagues every day to drink their coffee from their new and cool Superstar coffee cups?
Frank: ‘Haha, of course! No, actually, we don’t need to. The colleagues treat their cups as a personal trophy!’
Eelco: ‘I really liked the personal Superstar buttons and coffee cups!’

Where and with whom did you drink your Mercabeer?
Eelco: ‘I am usually pretty tired on Friday evenings and then sit down to relax with a glass of beer or wine. On one of these evenings, I enjoyed my Mercabeer at home. A real treat, thanks to our Richard van der Haas!’
Frank: ‘I wanted to share the beer with others. So, I drank the Mercachem beer together with my sons on a Sunday afternoon and we toasted the success of Mercachem!’

Can you share some special reactions of colleagues/clients with us?
Frank: ‘I met a former client of ours, who has recently changed jobs, at a conference. He told me that he is still actively following all news items on LinkedIn and, in this way, keeping the connection with us.’
Eelco: ‘We got numerous replies from customers and relations. I especially liked some messages I got from study friends during my PhD studies.’

What moment(s) from these past months really stands out?
Eelco: ‘The 20-year weekend celebration was very special. Of course, we had great fun during the weekend and everything was very well organized. But, to be honest, I also had some moments with tears in my eyes, looking at the people and remembering what we have achieved together. This made, and still makes, me very proud.’
Frank: ‘This was the big party in September with all our employees.’

Have you had a celebration dinner or drink together?
Frank: ‘Not yet, but the year has not yet ended!’

To start the interview, we also asked you about your outlook for the next 20 years. We now know that your remarks weren’t in vain.
In August, Mercachem and Syncom shared the news about merging. How will this affect your story for the next 20 years of Mercachem?

Frank: ‘Basically nothing will change. We will keep focused on quality and innovation to become the leading CRO in Europe!’
Eelco: ‘We have a great outlook with Mercachem. Our strategy for the coming years to become a leading midsized integrated drug-discovery research organization has resulted in the first step with the merger with Syncom. We are very much looking forward to unlocking new potential with MercachemSyncom.’

We would like to thank everybody for sharing their personal stories and wishes. On to the next 20 years!