Celebrating 20years Anniversary
1997 - 2017
The(ir) future is bright! Meet our interns and colleagues who started as interns.

At Mercachem we welcome trainees with open arms. They learn what it is like to work in an exciting chemical research environment. At the same time, we get to know them better. Over the past 20 years, most of our enthusiastic trainees have become our colleagues. Today we meet a few of them!

Brian Ogbodu
(intern 2016, Financial Administration)
‘I’d heard many positive things about Mercachem and when I started my internship I could immediately see that this was a great place to work. During this time, I have learned a lot, but what made me stay was actually a great atmosphere in the company.’

Dennis Bracht
(intern 2017, Parallel Chemistry Department)
‘What I like most about Mercachem is the broad chemistry knowledge within the company from which I can learn every day! There is a mix of seasoned and young chemists in the company. The mix of dynamism and experience will make me a researcher with deep insight.’

Noud Verstijnen
(intern 2017, Medicinal Chemistry Department)
‘Mercachem provides the perfect combination of challenging chemistry projects and a great atmosphere!’

Former Interns, now colleagues

Vivian Moorman
(intern 2012–2013, now Analytical Chemist, Parallel Chemistry Department)
‘The nice, open atmosphere ensures that everybody interacts in a friendly and relaxed way.’

Yoeri Janssen
(intern 2016, now Research Chemist, Process Research Department)
‘The most important thing was the high level of chemical knowledge at Mercachem; this ensured me that I could increase my knowledge in this discipline. During my first visit to Mercachem, I noticed that there was a very good atmosphere in this company, so I knew immediately that this where I wanted to do my graduation internship.’

Guillermo Maassen
(intern 2017, now Research Chemist, Medicinal Chemistry Department)
‘It was a natural decision, as Mercachem offers a fantastic environment to develop myself further as an organic chemist.’